Saskatoon Artists x The Broadway

The new generation of Broadway Theatre merchandise has arrived!
Treat your family, friends (or yourself!) to fresh looks for this New Year!

We've enlisted the help of some astonishingly talented friends (Arcana Creative, Cate Francis and Yonina Rollack) to create incredible designs that represent the unique place that is your Broadway Theatre.

So grab a hoodie to wait out the long cold winter! Impress your zoom meeting with a stylish new T-shirt! For the true Broadway diehards, grab a projectionist John Lou pin that will remind you that “we are all on the same team!” These are limited edition items and won’t last long, so be sure to order early get your favorite gear before it runs out! 

Local delivery and pick-up are available!
Make sure to include your phone number & address at check-out.

cover photo: Brayden Elliot

merch photos: Aryn Otterbein

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